Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Figure Of Eight & Thunderstorms..

Hiya! Well after the thunderstorm this morning i began to secretly think " what if my lesson is cancelled?!" I was proved wrong. (YAY!!) When i arrived and mounted i went inside the school.
My instructor told me to walk round on a loose rein. After a couple of laps round the school she told me to trot. I started trotting around. after a while of this she told me that we were going to  test my ability (which is terrible) on passing people while riding. She told me that you pass people on the left of both of you. i secretly thought "Oh No..." she told me to try it... I could just not get it!! after a while we abandoned this and started doing figure of eights with two jumps in the cross in the middle. And that was EPIC fun!! We finished the lesson after that and i put Charlies saddle in the tack room. Usually it would be two weeks till my next lesson. but this time it was two weeks till my pony day!!! yes!! My mum and dad decided they would buy me 1 pony day. Then when i told them can they book me another lesson with my pocket money i saved up, they said that if i put that money towards half of the money for the pony day.. THAT THEY WOULD PAY THE OTHER HALF!!!! YAY! that means 2 pony days in August!!! And i got Charlie booed on both of them!!! I will end with this picture of a cute cat!! :P

Photo: Doughnut. Nom Nom.

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