Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Novice..


Im a 11 year old girl who, like a lot of people, has fallen in love with horses! I am a novice in the world of horses, but though it would be EPIC to share my love of horses with everybody else out there! :P
Im the ONLY horse lover in my family (i know right?!!) and have adored horses for as long as i can remember, but i only have had to opportunity to learn to ride recently. When mum first told me how i could have horse riding lessons i nearly screamed. I had my first lesson on my 11th birthday which was on the 16th of April! I had my first lesson at Parklands Equestrian Center were i was put on Charlie a very cute Strawberry Roan. As soon as i got on and stared walking and trotting i realized : horse riding is NOT easy! And to be honest i was terrible... But who cares!!! I had epic fun!! I now go there every two weeks and.. Its sttill epic! I have tried cantering (Bumpy but FAST!!!) and am "ok" at trotting!! and i have jumped a few centimeters! I could win the Olymics!!! :D

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